Inspired by the city for the city

Soda is more than just a fashion brand;

Always something new

Have we mentioned that we love stylish, smart and elegant design? Here's our features to have look at.

Soda is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a way of life that we are promoting to the city dwellers through fashion. The iconic style of life and fashion in the city are the stories that Soda wants to tell, where the confidence, intelligence and ambition are the essential elements of style.

The city attitude is the main principle everybody at Soda here lives by. The metropolitan spirit runs through your veins, empowering you with the wild energies and fashionable intelligence. The urban intensity is imbued to the brand with individualism and quintessentiality.

Source of inspirations

The urban settings of New York, London, Paris, Milan etc. are the source of inspirations where Soda draws from and every collection

Soda present are strictly designed for the people who hungrily crave for the raw ambitions of style from the city, like us. Like the brand itself, Soda is a connecting point, uniting the city-zens with their uniforms from Soda.

Targeting at young executives aged 25 to 35 years old, who enjoy living and working in the city, Soda defines itself as fashion forward brand equipped with urban eclecticism and intensed city mood. The vibrant city lifestyle is the greatest asset to what Soda has to offer to those stylish young men and ladies, with inspiring pieces that allow them to indulge in the pleasure of self-styling, playing dress up all the time for any occasions, either playing or working.